Lowering Your Cost of Machining

Makino discusses real case studies that show how to improve your business and lower manufacturing costs with Makino horizontal machining centers.

Many companies have gained new business and lowered their costs by switching to a horizontal machining platform. In this Webinar, Makino shares real-world case studies of companies that have changed the way they machine by implementing the technological advances of a horizontal machining center.

Makino’s horizontal machining centers are considered to be the most reliable and efficient horizontals available. One way this has been achieved is with the elimination of common HMC problem areas like telescoping way covers and the need for manual chip evacuation.

Higher quality production is achieved due to thermal stability, advanced software that improves the quality of the cut, and features such as CPH (Continuous Pressure Hydraulics). Reduced cycle times, less time out-of-cut, and rigid, accurate machines are added benefits of a Makino HMC.

Other potential upgrades like cellular machining, parallel processes, and gantry loading are also discussed.

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