Burning Past the Competition with HEAT Technology

This Webinar features a Makino wire EDM shop owner, Tom Frick of Intricate EDM, discussing his use of a Makino SP43 WEDM. His job shop has seen cycle time and quality improvements with the implementation of their SP43 with H.E.A.T. (High-Energy Applied Technology), and he shares some of his insights with you.

H.E.A.T. is designed for applications where flushing is difficult or impossible, using standard 0.010-inch or 0.012-inch wire.

“Machinists often assume that the wire EDM process is limited to being a slow process, made much more difficult by issues such as poor flushing,” said Nick Casbar, Makino EDM national sales manager. “With a technology like H.E.A.T., poor flushing is no longer a concern, and speed can be increased dramatically.”

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