Product Spotlight

The DUO-Series: The next generation of wire EDM design

Makino’s next generation of wire EDMs, the DUO-Series, provides enhanced performance, accuracy, speed, ease of operation and maintenance with features such as dual wire-guide options, DuoSpark generator, dual anchored ballscrews, and dual high-pressure flush pumps.

“With recent technologies such as HEAT, Surface WIZARD and PICO precision guides, our machines have revolutionized EDM. The DUO-Series takes these advancements a step further and will enhance our ability to serve more customers’ needs and provide the most technologically advanced yet simple-to-operate wire EDMs available,” says Jeff Kiszonas, Makino EDM product manager.

The two-model series, including the DUO43 and DUO64, was designed with a smaller footprint and ease of installation in mind, without sacrificing the work area. Both models feature a 20 percent reduction in footprint. The sizes for the DUO43 and 64 are 74.8 inches by 102.3 inches and 82.7 inches by 122 inches, with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 17.7 inches, 12.0 inches, 12.6 inches and 25.6 inches, 15.7 inches, 16.5 inches, respectively. The DUO43 can accommodate a maximum workpiece size of 27.9 inches by 22.0 inches by 11.8 inches, with a payload of 1,764 lbs., and the DUO64 holds sizes up to 35.8 inches by 26.0 inches by 15.7 inches, with a maximum payload of 2,200 lbs.

Dual Use Operation (DUO)

The DUO features dual wire-guide options that enable users to choose either V-guide or PICO precision (round) wire guides. Whether the application is threading small holes in close proximity, maintaining land accuracy in contoured stamping dies, cutting tapers up to 45 degrees, or general WEDM job-shop work, Makino is the only wire EDM builder that provides a guide solution for every WEDM application. This option has split-precision guides for most general work including high tapers and PICO precision guides for accurate threading of small holes in close proximity, highly accurate tapers and taper transitions up to 10 degrees, and maintaining variable height land details.

The DUO-Series includes a DuoSpark generator, which uses a two-step adjustable discharge waveform for greater control over the machining spark gap. This technology improves energizer life, increases cutting speeds by up to 30 percent, and reduces wire consumption by as much as 40 percent compared with previous technologies.

The series’ dual high-pressure flush pumps offer independent control of upper- and lower-head flushing jets. The pumps output pressure up to 290 psi to improve roughing speeds and aid in producing superior surface finishes. By circulating through two pumps, one for each machine head, the DUO is able to improve efficiency, reduce mechanical failures and achieve finer finishes. With independent control and monitoring through the controller and faster adaptation during machining operations, higher part quality can be achieved. This design showcases its greatest advantages during detached nozzle applications (poor flush) and further improves the performance of Makino’s HEAT technology.

With dual-anchored ballscrews, the DUO-Series provides a rigid construction for long-term sustained accuracy and precision. Backed up by a 10-year 20,000-hour ballscrew guarantee, the DUO-Series is built for long-term repeatability and reliability.

Other dual features include dual work-tank doors to accommodate loading of large workpieces and work area access without draining and refilling the work tank, dual feedback to ensure accuracy and repeatability of movement and positioning over a long period of time, dual-filter banks with automatic water evacuation, dual control operation that allows use of either the mouse and keyboard or the full-function remote hand-box, and dual head-protect functions for crash protection capability to help reduce or eliminate damage caused by unexpected collisions.

Ease of Operation

Design improvements offer ease of operation and maintenance for operators. New features to the design include an air-actuated access door for easy access to the work zone. The work-tank opening has been widened and the knee plate removed for extended operating space. Improved maintenance features include centralized manual greasing points and external filter casing for easier filter cleaning.