Out Front with Bob Henry

Trust Can Make Your Business Successful

In this issue of Competitive Production, we discuss three family-owned-and-operated companies that are finding competitive advantage in this highly competitive global manufacturing market by deploying innovative ideas and technology, regardless of the size of their business.

Covert is a large manufacturer in northern Ohio and has been family owned and operated from the beginning. They rely on accurate, dependable machines to maintain a near-zero scrap rate and make on-time deliveries to demanding large-part customers. Ansco, a medium-sized job shop, optimizes its customers’ product lines, thanks to the talents of the owner and his sons, who all hold key management positions in the company. Parkn is a small shop owned by two brothers utilizing creative fixturing to produce parts for a sporting goods manufacturer.

No matter the size or the product produced, all of these shops stake their business on equipment that must perform day in and day out, just like the family members who are running the companies and often running machines. These companies trust the family members who manage the business, and they trust their equipment. The common denominator among all these companies is the fact that they all trust horizontal machining centers for their part production.

Trust is never given. It must be earned every day. It is a key ingredient in the success formula for any business. Trust in the values that helped establish the business, trust in the colleagues with whom we work, trust in the customers, trust in the suppliers, and trust in the manufacturing equipment to get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

Trust breeds the confidence that your business can compete and grow, affording you the opportunity to extend the benefits of your success to all members of your company.

At Makino, we know that thousands of manufacturers have put their trust in our machines, services, applications expertise, and our people. It is earning our customers’ trust that we value most of all. Earning trust allows us to be proud to help manufacturers of every size compete with the most technologically advanced and reliable equipment available.

When you work with family, the work is always personal. When you work with Makino, we take your success, and the success of your business and family, personally.

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