Out Front with Bob Henry

Technology Attracts Talent and New Business

Everyone wants to expand their business to be more profitable, and today many companies are using technology as an enabler for such growth. Customers recognize a manufacturer’s investment in technology as proof of that company’s commitment to future innovation. This investment in technology demonstrates that the manufacturer has the ability to deploy new machine processes while continuing to produce excellent quality products, on time and on budget.

Manufacturers are learning that technology grows business by bringing decreased cycle times, better workflow, and the capability to produce more part varieties on time, and with more flexibility and efficiency. Embracing technology enables these manufacturers to be competitive through lower part costs. Increased production efficiencies yield lower part costs, giving the manufacturers the ability to take on new customers and ultimately produce additional revenue.

In addition to building their profitability, manufacturers are using technology as a vehicle to recruit new workers. This is no longer your grandfather’s manufacturing facility is a message that businesses continue to convey to young people in order to draw them into a career in this industry.

As most manufacturers already know, many of today’s shop floors are impeccably clean and impressively lined with new technology, including automation. The production processes themselves are far more advanced than in years past. That means the positions available in high-precision manufacturing are not necessarily ones where operators spend most of their time feeding the machines. Today these production jobs are geared toward highly skilled, highly capable workers with engineering and computer programming skills.

Additionally, with a shortage of skilled labor, it’s more important than ever to have the kind of high-precision manufacturing equipment in place that attracts qualified new workers. Companies are finding that to attract potential employees who have these skills, they must also invest in capability. They must have the latest machining equipment if they want the best people working in their shop. Manufacturing facilities with high-tech equipment tend to attract people who are familiar with and are comfortable with diving into this new technology.

From mid-sized job shops to household names like Roush Racing, this issue of Competitive Production demonstrates the impact that this kind of investment in high-performance technology has had, as these companies work to win over new business and talent. Does your manufacturing technology have the influence to do the same?

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