Out Front with Bob Henry

Enabling Technologies And Engineering Services

Coming out of the recent recession, many North American manufacturing companies are facing the stark reality that finding new, qualified labor is extremely difficult, if not impossible. With unemployment at roughly 9 percent, this issue is very perplexing and counterintuitive, and it’s one that won’t be resolved quickly.

To address these concerns, many manufacturers, like those featured in this issue of Competitive Production, are seeking solutions to enable continual improvements in the productivity and profitability of their current and future operations.

At Makino, we take a consultative approach to the improvement of manufacturing efficiencies and practices. Our responsibility is to enable businesses to improve their operations through our offering of advanced machines, machining technologies and support services, including automation solutions and engineering services. By integrating these technologies and services into their manufacturing initiatives, manufacturers can achieve their desired results and apply their existing qualified labor to even more value-added assignments.

In the past, machine processes required extensive manual labor to operate and maintain, often consuming the time and attention of skilled operators who would be tasked with setup and qualification of processes. Today’s modern, robust, reliable machining centers and automated technologies simplify the process for operators of all skill sets. As you’ll see in the following articles, employing this level of technology not only leads to more consistent quality and productivity, but it also better uses the existing skilled labor and increases shop floor efficiency. By incorporating additional operational features of Makino’s machine technology and cell control software, like broken-tool sensors, part probing and tool management systems, companies can see even greater gains in productivity and throughput.

Moreover, using Makino’s application engineering services can permit companies to quote and produce new work, by employing our engineers on a project basis without hiring additional full-time resources. At Makino, we offer a flexible approach to engineering services that gives customers a wide range of support offerings. Not every opportunity requires a fully developed turnkey solution; as such, we can provide contracted services even by the hour. Companies can tap into our experience and know-how as needed. With these enabling technologies and services, we help North American manufacturers compete globally and succeed.

Bob Henry
Vice President
Makino Production Machinery Group
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