Out Front with Bob Henry

Change Often Leads To Opportunity

The markets that many of us serve are rapidly changing, thanks to the continued outsourcing of components to the tiered supply base, technological advances and global competition.

Rather than stand in the way of change, it is far more advantageous to embrace it, always looking for ways that change can create new business opportunities. Using your company’s existing strengths, combined with new technologies and manufacturing methods, change can often result in expanded opportunity.

In this issue of Competitive Production, we feature three companies that all discovered a change was needed to meet the demands of tomorrow. Quincy Compressor invested in a machining complex to fulfill the internal pull requirements of a lean manufacturing operation. Mid-State Machine Products decided to take a step away from the custom job-shop roots it had long established and move into high-volume large part production. And finally, Brown Precision, known for its 5-axis aerospace work, applied its expertise to the booming medical market.

All of the companies we feature here saw where their talents could be applied and met the changing tide head-on, investing in new ways to make their business stronger for the future.

Change can’t be accomplished on your own. Key technologies and investments are needed. Partners such as Makino can provide these technologies and aid in the deployment, helping you to adapt and remain agile for the current as well as future opportunities.

Production environments that stay successful, long term, are constantly changing. Whether it be a new lean initiative, new ways of doing things, or investing in something new to tackle the next big thing, change must be embraced for future opportunity.

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