Out Front with Bob Henry

Building A Reputation for Quality and Excellence

North American manufacturers are working harder and smarter to achieve global competitiveness. Through creativity, innovation, investment, and the deployment of advanced machining and automation technologies, North American manufacturers have built a reputation for manufacturing quality products and providing engineering excellence. As such, it is important that capital equipment and machine tool suppliers work just as hard to help manufacturers build on this position and continue to push for competitive advantage.

At Makino, we understand the stringent quality requirements and delivery schedules these forward-looking companies face. We are dedicated to their success, and as a trusted business partner we look forward to the challenges of developing manufacturing solutions that deliver the best possible parts at the most competitive price.

Makino is committed to supporting these companies by providing the high-performance, leading-edge machining technologies, innovative process solutions and dependable customer support that enable them to focus on making what matters. We are proud of their accomplishments and the contributions they make each day to their coworkers, families, companies and communities.

Featured in this issue of Competitive Production are two companies that are equally committed to manufacturing success in North America, and we are proud to have helped them make what matters.

At Micro-Mechanics, engineers are advancing the science of machining. By combining skill and ingenuity with the practical principles of engineering and automated machining technology, the company has developed what it calls "24/7 machining." As a result, the company has developed a cost-competitive solution for their high-mix, low-volume production requirements.

Eagle Manufacturing faces unforgiving demands for on-time delivery and consistent quality as a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry. In order to improve their manufacturing systems to meet these demands, the company turned to Makino for both equipment and experienced automation and integration services. With more than 20 unique Makino automated cells installed, Eagle is achieving the best possible parts at the most competitive price.

These two companies are an example of the many organizations that are advancing modern manufacturing. Our hope is that through industry-leading machine technologies and process engineering, we can encourage manufacturers to continue to innovate, design and build the parts and products that matter most to all of us.

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