Product Spotlight

Makino Horizontal Machining Centers: Keys to Competitive Production

Productivity and reliability are critical elements to any production machine tool and the core drivers behind the design and manufacture of Makino horizontal machining centers.

Since the release of the revolutionary A55 in 1990, Makino has been the leading innovator and market-share leader in horizontal machining centers, offering an extensive line of 4- and 5-axis machining solutions to support the automotive, aerospace, die/mold, medical and general production markets. Their productivity, reliability and quality are unmatched. All of Makino’s horizontal machining centers are designed and manufactured with stable, rigid construction, patented high-performance spindle technology and numerous other features that improve performance and profitability.

The productive benefits of Makino horizontal milling machines extend to any application and shop environment. Their high-performance spindle designs provide manufacturers with the speed, power and rigidity to achieve high metal-removal rates in all types of materials and processes. With the machining centers’ rapid tool changes, axis movements and spindle acceleration/deceleration rates, our customers experience dynamic increases in production efficiency with competitive cycle times and maximum throughput.

No matter the production volume required, part quality and accuracy are always of the utmost concern. Makino designs precision into its horizontal machining centers with extra-rigid base castings and sophisticated thermal management of key machine components. The result is sustained dynamic accuracy and repeatability that reduces and eliminates rework and scrapped parts.

Makino horizontal milling machines have a long-standing reputation for exceptional reliability and maintainability that eliminate unplanned downtime. Their superior design elements, such as one-piece way covers, stand up to even the toughest production environments with minimal maintenance required. As a result, Makino machines hold long-term residual value and outstanding performance for years after final return on investment.

All Makino horizontal milling machines can also be integrated within automated manufacturing systems for enhanced productivity and efficiency. This integration includes pallet pools, automatic pallet transfer and storage systems such as the Makino Machining Complex (MMC2), mounted and rail-guided floor robots, gantry-style robots and more. When our horizontal machines are integrated into an automated system, manufacturers can expect spindle utilization rates of up to 95 percent, and fully unattended operation over nights and weekends. The net result is a highly productive, reliable and predictable manufacturing system that yields the lowest achievable cost per part.

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