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ProVis Remote Diagnostics

New ProVis Remote Diagnostics Provides Real-Time Troubleshooting—Anywhere, Anytime

Every shop has deadlines that can’t afford to be interrupted by machine downtime. At no cost to its Pro5 control customers, Makino offers ProVis Remote Diagnostics (RD) technology to ensure maximum uptime. This new utility puts a Makino subject matter expert in your shop in just a few minutes ready to help solve any machine issues that might arise.

Compatible with Makino Professional 5 (Pro5) enabled machining centers, ProVis remote diagnostics technology makes it possible for manufacturers to share a live display of their machine control with Makino technical support specialists for real-time troubleshooting and support. This remote diagnostics capability provides more efficient troubleshooting and faster problem resolution to minimize machine downtime at any time of day or night. This often means machine issues can be resolved without the dispatch of a field service engineer.

Remote accessibility is facilitated via an Internet connection and Makino’s VNC server software. Without being on site, Makino technical support specialists can virtually navigate and guide users through recovery procedures. If a service technician is already on location for support or preventive maintenance, he or she can connect a laptop directly to the machine to collaborate with a technical support specialist.

ProVis remote diagnostics technology accelerates the troubleshooting process. Problems can be diagnosed quickly, reducing machine downtime by providing greater visibility and real-time remote support for the machining center. This value-added service is available at no cost to all manufacturers using a Pro5 control, and to all distributor field and phone support technicians.

Setting up ProVis takes just a few easy steps that may require up to 20 minutes of machine time for setup. After this initial installation, activating ProVis for future service requests typically takes an average of two minutes

For detailed instructions on how to install ProVis and to understand the requirements, contact Makino customer support at 1-888-625-4664.