Product Spotlight

Transform Your Shop with ProNetConneX Industrial Internet of Things Interface

Makino’s new ProNetConneX offers manufacturers a built-in, instant on-ramp to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with secure connectivity to today’s leading business management systems via the MTConnect standard.

ProNetConneX provides the data and connectivity necessary for intelligent factories to rapidly respond to fluctuating market demands. As a machine interface, ProNetConneX connects and collects machine data in the MTConnect data standard format within a shop’s network for use to improve productivity and efficiency.

Digital connectivity and integration are bringing manufacturing operations out from behind the curtains and into enterprise planning, scheduling and product life-cycle systems. Makino introduced ProNetConneX to provide simple and secure transmission of machine information across connected devices on the factory floor. Secure connectivity is achieved through Cisco’s Connected Machines Solution with accessibility to today’s leading software management systems via the MTConnect standard.

With machine monitoring and connectivity, ProNetConneX is able to integrate machine data within enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in ways that enable business leaders to make better informed decisions and control their manufacturing operations in real time.

Integrated in Advanced Machine Controls

ProNetConneX facilitates the free-flow of machine data for intelligent factories with software built into Makino’s machining centers. Capabilities are highlighted below:

  • Real-time data collection and accessibility
  • Machine health monitoring
  • Cloud data collection either locally or via the internet
  • Secure local network and cloud-based systems connectivity
  • MTConnect v1.3 compliancy

Unlike other IIoT machine interfaces, ProNetConneX is fully integrated into Makino’s latest machine controls. Additional machine sensors can be installed within machines and added to ProNetConneX to expand data-collection capabilities based on each shop’s unique manufacturing needs.

Compatibility and Connectivity via Cisco and MTConnect

Makino engineers helped to develop MTConnect as the industry standard for communication between machines and devices on the factory floor. Compatibility with the latest MTConnect standards enables ProNetConneX to connect with a company’s choice of business management systems.

ProNetConneX easily integrates with solutions from Memex, Scytec, Lemoine, Freedom eLog, Forcam and many other leading providers. For example, using ProNetConneX, machine data can be supplied to Forcam for part production monitoring, control and interfacing to MRP/ERP systems.

Data security and cloud services are enabled in cooperation with information technology (IT) leader Cisco. Developed to support industrial fog computing environments, Cisco’s Connected Machines Solution enables rapid and repeatable machine connectivity for real-time data monitoring and management. ProNetConneX uses a Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) 4000 Series switch to stand up to the most abrasive environments and protect equipment and internal networks from security threats. This system provides a familiar platform for IT technicians to quickly and easily navigate network security settings.

Maximize Productivity with MPmax

Also compatible with ProNetConneX is Makino MPmax, a real-time machine process monitoring and data management solution. Developed to support manufacturers in optimizing machine processes, MPmax includes spindle load, speed and vibration monitoring analysis tools and capabilities not available in any other software platform.

When combined, ProNetConneX and MPmax enable manufacturers to optimize the efficiency of their manufacturing operations and get the most out of machining investments.

To monitor critical processes across a variety of machine platforms MPmax has data-management capabilities to track the following key machine performance indicators:

  • Status monitoring
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Alarm analysis
  • Spindle and axis monitoring
  • Tool data management
  • Probe data analysis
  • Camera monitoring (optional)
  • Power-consumption monitoring (optional)

Learn more about Makino’s ProNetConneX and other IIoT solutions in Makino’s webinar, “Onboarding to the Industrial Internet of Things.” Visit