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Manufacturing Engineering Services from Makino

Today’s global economy puts fierce pressures on manufacturers to reduce costs, shrink lead-times and respond quickly to customer needs, especially in the ongoing race to quote and win new automotive contracts and part programs. At the same time, manufacturers are continually driven to reduce part costs while enhancing part quality by developing flexible manufacturing systems that are reliable and stable enough to adapt quickly to changing part volumes and designs.

Internally, manufacturing engineering services are often stretched thin, especially when the challenge is to specify and launch a new manufacturing process. Such as, automation integration services for a cell or system to meet a new manufacturing obligation. A company might lack the manufacturing engineering services altogether or lack the expertise around a potential new part contract they desire to quote. In addition, manufacturers can enjoy efficiency and peace of mind by turning to an experienced engineering services supplier that can integrate all aspects of a project and guarantee the results of its services. Makino Engineering Services is uniquely capable of delivering all these benefits—and more.

Enabling Expertise

Makino Engineering Services have an unmatched history of creating robust production-ready processes—including machinery, fixtures, tools, programs and documentation—for parts with complex geometries, demanding deadlines, challenging budget constraints and Six Sigma standards. Hundreds of manufacturers in need of integrated flexible manufacturing systems have taken advantage of these services—each benefiting from guaranteed cycle times, Cpk and cost per part that meet or exceed their production goals.

Makino Engineering Services can manage every step of a project with single-point contact project management, project engineering, on-site supervision and post-installation training and support. Together, these services give manufacturers the confidence and security to focus their valuable time on other critical aspects of their business.

Flexible Manufacturing Solutions For The Toughest Challenges

While many tier-level automotive suppliers face difficulty finding skilled labor, Makino Engineering Services has engineers and project managers with decades of experience solving the toughest manufacturing part challenges. Makino provides flexible manufacturing solutions that give manufacturers the scalability and support they need to compete globally and succeed.

Makino automation integration services help manufacturers combat fierce pricing pressures from the low-labor-cost countries by providing complete automated cells and systems. Whether demands call for simple machine tending or complex high-volume robotic cells, Makino's automation integration services offer the equipment, skills and manpower necessary to reduce labor costs, increase throughput, ensure and enhance part quality, all while retaining the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing volumes or new parts.

Having the confidence to quote and win new business is a worry-free proposition with Makino’s turnkey manufacturing engineering services. This solution provides guaranteed cycle times, production rates and throughput that give manufacturers the speed and confidence to win new business. A Makino turnkey addresses every aspect of the manufacturing process, including application engineering, fixture design and building, project management, cost and time guarantees, installation, runoffs, prove out, technology transfer and, of course, the high-performance Makino machining centers. The quality and originality of Makino’s automation integration services, turnkey services and manufacturing engineering services overall have helped hundreds of manufacturers in North America grow their business and their bottom line.

Makino’s Engineering Services can also be contracted by the hour to improve overall shop efficiency by focusing on the under-performing elements of a flexible manufacturing system.

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